Our Partners

Our Partners

Our company strength is the ability to combine and engage a wide range of professional Resources in the conception, design, planning and supervision for the implementation of the projects.



Our World relies on a constant flow. Without this permanent motion we would not be here. Sometimes though it is necessary for us to take control over the flow of the elements we rely upon. That's where DREHMO Actuators comes in.

Wherever material flows through pipelines in liquid, gas or powder form several kinds of valves are used to shut off or to regulate the rate of flow or pressure. For reliable remote operation of these valves, whether they be globe, gate, ball or butterfly valves or damper, DREHMO electromechanical actuators have been employed successfully over the world for several decades.




TE.MA is a big Company that with its instrumentation is able to follow ever changing’s demand of the millennium. TE.MA. grants that every single instrument is carried out with the highest professional level. Customers’ behavior it is of paramount importance: most advanced equipments and technologies and our full dedication are the keys of our success concerning the production of gauges.




Ettore Cella Spa was founded in 1897 in Milan, Italy,

by Mr. Ettore Cella for the manufacturing of pressure gauges and thermometers.

During the years the company has grown to become one of the leaders in the production of pressure, temperature and level measure and control instruments and it is recognized for the high quality of its products.




FEAM since 1961 is a leading manufacturer of explosion proof electrical equipment mainly directed to the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Chemical industries.

Our main focus is on continuos R&D, innovation and upgrade of production processes. Feam is able to provide both standardized and tailored solutions to meet specific customer's needs. Today Feam is in a leading position in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Far East.

Feam maintains a highly active policy of quality management and development. For this reason Feam has gained accreditation for Quality Assurance according to ISO 9001 standard and according to European ATEX and Russian GOST-R (RTR) directives.